Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Demolished Ones (Fate): GenCon launch in Print and PDF!

 (Illustration by Hugo Solis  text by Brian Engard )
 I Wake in a Room

The floor is cold, stone, dry like the grave. I push myself up with trembling arms, blinking in the darkness as my eyes adjust and take in the scant light.

Where am I?

I stand, brush the dirt and dust from the front of a tailor-made suit that I’ve never seen before. I inspect it, looking for familiarity, but find none. There’s a red stain on the sleeve and I panic for a moment. Maybe I hurt myself and I need medical attention. A closer inspection reveals that it is not my blood.

What happened here?

I look at my surroundings. The room is large, bare stone walls and floor, two electric lamps in the ceiling barely piercing the deep gloom. There are bodies strewn about, three of them, and again I feel the panic creep in. I kneel next to one, feel for a pulse and find it. She’s alive.

Who are these people?

Who am I?

“I . . . I don’t know,”

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