Friday, September 12, 2014

Raw Text: No Beast So Fierce (Diceless)

This is how I am considering describing the locations in No Beast So Fierce and wanted your opinion, I have 94 more to do. The 1st location would be the door. I will be doing statblocks in a separate section of the book. The electronic ink image is a a 2d video presentation that can display on certain surfaces it was used for advertising and a tourists guide, but has been hacked by Sota-sama and she uses it to help refuges, her own soldiers and as a hope that it will guide rescuers. She made these recordings when she was hurt, tired, hungry, and having a bad day so she is rather snarky.

2.      The Hive
This unique skyscraper soars over 1,000 ft into the air with over 75 floors, it is clad in white with thousands of recessed hexagonal windows and the windows seem to change in color causing the buildings color and appearance to shift with the changing light. You can see the flying cybernetic soldiers flying around in and out of broken windows making it look and sound like some massive buzzing beehive.

The electronic ink image of Sota-sama will warn any non-cyber-naki to stay away: “I know you will ignore this warning, because you are the kind who just has to push the big read button labeled do not touch, but don’t go in The Hive! The Cyber-naki will hurt you, break you, and then turn you into one of them, so you can do the same to your friends.”    

Perceiving the Eidolon: Every cybernetic soldier has within it a tiny piece of perfect Eidolon with none of the corrupting Umbra. The building also has a structure harmonious to the Eidolon.

Wayfinding: You should be able to locate the Renegade captives who are held in a subbasement a locked security vault (unlocking doors, or using the key at the hotel desk) used by the hotel. There is also an action figure Icon of Drake, Lord of the Falling Wall stored here (Identifying Icons), that once belonged to Sota-sama, which she lost, it was found and stored here.

– – – – – –

This is the Hydrosteel Tower, currently serving as a “base” for over 1,000 Cyber-naki. The hotel desk is right at the front entrance, the first and second floor contain restrooms, a lounge, hotel conference rooms, a business office, a destroyed grand piano. The next 52 floors are the former business offices Hyrdosteel International who mined the metallic hydrogen room temperature superconducting ore inside the intrusion that Nō sits upon. The top 25 floors are also part of the hotel, with a gym and swimming pool occupying half of the top two floors, the other half being occupied by a penthouse suite that would be fit for any king, here you will find the 1st Cyber-naki Alpha-Akumu.   The lower subbasements contain access to a loading dock and a underground garage that can be reached through a collapsed back entrance with some effort.  The Cyber-naki destroyed the elevators, and there are just open shafts. 

This location may remind earth natives of the Sino Steel Tower back on earth. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mike Selniker's favorite puzzle books.

So I can find this later.

Mike Selniker's favorite puzzle books.
"Was asked today: What other puzzle-related books do I like? Instead of just answering the querier, I decided to answer here. My top twelve, in no particular order (and with varying degrees of being puzzle books):

1) Kit Williams's Masquerade
2) Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia of 5000 Puzzles Tricks and Conundrums
3) Dominic Olivastro's Ancient Puzzles
4) Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game
5) Patrick Berry's Adventures in Puzzling
6) Francis Heaney's Crasswords
7) Thomas Snyder and Wei-Hwa Huang's Mutant Sudoku
8) Ruth Rendell's One Across, Two Down
9) Tim Dedopulos's The Greatest Puzzles Ever Solved
10) Any cryptic crossword book by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

I'm sure I will regret several omissions the instant I post this."

Friday, August 8, 2014

In The Company of Dragons Sales Numbers Day 7

Illustration by Lucilla Lischetti

1st Seven Days. 

Release date August 1st. Price $5.99
DrivethruRpg/RpgNow --------130, ----Gross Sales $778.70
Paizo ------------------------------ 27, ----Gross sales $161.73 17, -----Gross sales $101.83

Current Total Sales ------------174,-----Gross Sales  $1042.26

We gained about 52 copies. Paizo is being pretty sluggish for us right now compared to what it has done in the past, I chalk this up to us not  having been on the front page in some time. I was surprised however that this one did not make the most recent update, they did, but that's the way the ball bounces sometimes. 

I did just get a manuscript for a really minor supplement to this, that I will be reviewing and hopefully releasing next week. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

In The Company of Dragons Sales Numbers Day 4

Illustration by Emma Lazauski

In The Company of Dragons Sales Numbers Day 4, 4:30pm EST

I am doing this because folks like +Fred Hicks have done this for me to let us have a peek behind what is really going on, and how we can do things better.  Also thanks to Paizo for the Pathfinder Compatibility Licence.

A couple marketing  and production notes about In The Company of Dragons, this has so far, been an exceptional seller for Rite Publishing and I expect, may become one of our best sellers.

We did a free and open play-test of the core race, archetype and racial paragon class for 6 months before releasing the final product. I want to thank all our play-testers!

Marketing wise besides the open play-test, we did push out 5 art previews via social media and on discussion on the compatibility forums, I also sent out an email via DrivethurRpg/RpgNow the day of release which is just over 19,000 people who subscribe to our mailing list (we have a pretty high number due to our free E-zine Pathways, and thanks to Drivethru for that tool). We have an ad for it in Pathways but that won't come out till tomorrow.   I also have a Front page ad on but that comes out of Rite Publishing total ad budget, that ad was not updated to late on the 2nd day (my delay not theirs). With help (thanks John) we got the core race and the draconic exemplar class up on the site, and linked it to the product. I also released advanced copies of this the week before, and there was one advanced review from Mark Knights (thanks Mark!).

I think the product was helped because it hit a nostalgia button for the 2nd edition Council of Wyrms boxed set and dealt with a major problem of that box set, you could not have the dragons alongside other adventurers. It was an all dragon or nothing campaign, while In the Company of Dragons is all about balancing dragons alongside the standard Pathfinder adventurers. GMs love dragons, there is a reason the original is called Dungeons & Dragons, and players love them just as much and being one is awesome.

This is author Wendall Roy's 4th project with us. And he started working for us by joining an open call to work on a different series, he has also worked on 4 other published projects for other publishers that I know of.  Wendall got this gig because of the strength of his previous work In The Company of Fey which also sold very well (though not this well).

This is Ernanda Souzda's second piece for us (first published), and you should be on look out for the September issue of Pathways. She reminds me of a very early and raw Jason Rainville.  I want to thank artist Dennis Darmody for some help with art direction on the cover.

Enough of me yammering.

Release date August 1st. Price $5.99
DrivethruRpg/RpgNow ---------96, ----Gross Sales $575.04
Paizo ------------------------------ 19, ----Gross sales $113.81 7, -----Gross sales $41.93

Current Total Sales ------------122,-----Gross Sales  $730.78

This is not even a full 4 days of sales. I want to see what it does after 7 days. I want to see what it does in 30 (and I will share all of this with you). I have no idea how high this will go since we already surpassed the first 30 days of the other products in this series in the 1st day.

Its going to be a fun ride (as a dragon!).

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Designing in Public: Jaunter (Rogue Talent) [part 2]

Because +Louis Porter asked for it. I decided to open up with two more Jaunter Rogue Talents.

Jaunter’s Slice

Prerequisites: rogue 4, Jaunter’s Hop, worships deity that can grant clerics the Trickery and Travel domains (or their subdomains)

Benefits: As a swift action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to teleport some part of a creatures body into the closest empty square chose by the jaunter, this deals 1d6 points of damage + 1d6 points of damage for every two rogue class levels. A successful Will Save (DC 10+1/2 the rogue’s class level + her Charisma modifier) results in half damage. The actual damage type is subject to GM determination but the default is slashing, resulting from a portal slicing off a portion of the victims exterior, a failed save usually resulting in more internal injury but it is still subject to Damage Reduction unless it is overcome by magic and slicing weapons.  

Jaunter’s Removal

Prerequisites: rogue 14, Jaunter’s Hop, Jaunter’s Slice, worships deity that can grant clerics the Trickery and Travel domains (or their subdomains)

Benefits: As a move action, the rogue can expend 3 motes of movement to teleport a vital organ out from inside the body of a living creature that is within 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 rogue class levels . If the subject fails a Will save (DC 10+1/2 the rogue’s class level + her Charisma modifier) it suffers 2d6 points Constitution damage, plus 2 points of Constitution damage per round, and is rendered helpless. A greater restoration, limited wish, miracle, regenerate, or wish spell is required to negate this damage. A successful save results in the victim suffering only 2 points of Constitution damage (as the spell instead teleports a non-vital organ) and negates the helpless condition. After suffering this damage, a subject that succeeded on the saving throw is immune to this rogue’s Jaunter’s Removal for 24 hours.  This is considered a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to the rogue’s class level.

If this rogue is at least 16th level she can teleport a target creature or object into a solid surface or object that she can see within close range (25 feet + 5 feet/two rogue class levels). This has the same effect as a standard extraction except it can affect a non-living creature, and the subject becomes half embedded or fully embedded in the object. The same spells or effects will negate the embedded effect.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Designing in Public: Jaunter (Rogue Talent)

Playing around with the idea of Owen K.C. Stephens Talented Classes and the framework for the Time Thief (which serves as the framework for the Luckbringer and Taskshaper). 

Jaunter’s Hop (Rogue Talent)
Prerequisites: rogue 2, worships deity that can grant clerics the Trickery and Travel domains (or their subdomains)
Benefits: Each day, the rogue gains a pool of supernatural motes of movement equal to three plus her rogue class level. Using a mote of movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity nor does teleporting.  You can use these motes to perform a number of effects but you can only expend one mote of movement each round. 
  • Instant Liberation (Su): As a swift action, the rogue can expend a mote of movement to instantaneously teleport to a standing position from prone position. In addition she can whisk herself out of a grapple losing the grappled and pinned conditions if she does, she is also teleported to the nearest unoccupied square the rogue chooses.
  • Instant Escape (Su): The rogue automatically expends a mote of movement to instantly blink to avoid any confirmed critical hit or any attack that would reduce her to 0 hit points or fewer This ability only operates if the rogue chooses to avoid the critical hit. Avoiding the hit requires a successful Ref save (DC 10 + ½ the attack bonus or the DC of the spell/effect) though she adds her Charisma modifier to this save rather than her Dexterity modifier. In the case of a damaging spell or ability that would reduce the character to 0 hit points or less, this effectively grants the rogue a second saving throw to negate the spell or effect. This ability expends a mote of movement even if the rogue has used one already for this round, however this ability can only function once per round. If you the rogue is at least 10th level You she does not need to spend a mote of movement to use the narrow escape ability; she need have at least one point in her mote of movement pool.
  • Dimensional Hop (Su): As a move action the rogue can expend a mote of movement to instantaneously teleport to any other spot within 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 rogue class levels  If the spot the rogue chooses is within line of sight, the rogue arrive there unerringly. If the destination is not in line of sight, the rogue must be able to visualize the spot or state the direction and distance to it, but the hop has a 25% chance of a mishap and the rogue cannot take any further actions until the rogue’s next turn. No matter what the rogue’s destination, the rogue can transport only herself and a maximum 100 lbs. (or your maximum load, whichever is less) of objects you carry or touch. You cannot transport any creature except for the rogue’s familiar or an animal companion or cohort of up to Tiny size (whose weight counts against your load limit). If the rogue suffers a mishap or arrives in a place already occupied by a solid body, the rogue and any creatures with her take 1d6 points of damage and are shunted to closest random open space on a suitable surface of the intended location.  If the rogue is at least 8th level this can functions as dimension door instead.  

I have about 20 more talents that follow up on this idea, this will probably end up in Questhaven and the next The Secrets of the Divine.