Tuesday, November 10, 2015

People who are Awesome!: Perry Grosshans​

People who are Awesome!: Perry Grosshans​,
Line Editor for Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless).

Perry started out with Rite Publishing back in the days of Arcana Evolved (2008) as GM play tester for monsters I created, without him To Kill or Not to Kill, never would have gotten an ENnie nomination (he was its editor). Without him there would be no Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless), as Perry is the one who dared me to dream big (and again he was its editor). He has made me a better author and publisher, he also has made Rite Publishing a much richer place to work.

Sometimes the problem in this industry is that the reward for good work is more work. We don't stop and say what a great job someone is doing. Perry you're awesome, I could not do this without you.

Steven D. Russell
Rite Publishing.

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