Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Martial Arts Guide Preview (Coming Sunday).

Note: Techniques, work like combat maneuvers that you don't need a feat for you usually just have to meet the prerequisites to perform, the GM can allow unlimited use or require the expenditure of a resource such as grit or ki.  For more information check out the full sized free preview! 

Illustration by Juan Diego Dianderes

Dewmar Techniques

"We quickly drew blades and assumed our guards; the point of my blade hovering at eye level and hers casually, almost negligently down near her feet. I knew better than to presume her unskilled, only a veteran duelist dared face a  student of William

Dewmar with such nonchalance. Watching her elbow, I feinted for her knee and disengaged to thrust at her sword arm. Ignoring the feint, my enemy rolled the bell of her rapier with my attack, hoping to bind our weapons as she leapt into motion. Her off-hand pulled a heavy, wide-bladed knife from the folds of a silk sash, and the half-elf lunged forward to bury it in my guts. It was a dance well danced.”

The fencing techniques taught at the Dewmar Academy are for character wishing to excel with light weapons and be mobile about the battlefield.  Fencing characters can manipulate the movement and placement of their enemies, the use of their weapons, and stop them from acting as quickly as they normally would. 

Locked Blades

Fencing Technique

You bind your opponent’s blade with your own and step up to him, refusing to allow him to disengage.

[Alternate Prerequisites]: BAB +6, Iron Will

Steel Cost: 1 point

Activation Time: 1 standard action or 1 immediate action; see below

Effect: Choose a weapon you are wielding and perform a grapple combat maneuver against an opponent wielding a manufactured melee weapon. If your chosen weapon is a light weapon and your opponent is wielding a two-handed weapon, you take a -4 penalty to your combat maneuver roll. If the grapple succeeds, neither you nor your opponent can make an attack with the locked weapons, but either party may make 5 foot steps but such movement is immediately mirrored by the other party, and you both gain the grappled condition for the duration of the grapple. In addition to the normal methods of breaking a grapple, either party may choose to drop their weapon, or make a bull rush or trip combat maneuver against the other; success breaks the grapple in addition to the normal effects.

You may use this technique as an immediate action when attacked by an opponent wielding a manufactured melee weapon if you have at least +8 BAB. In this case, a successful grapple cancels the triggering attack. 

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