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#30 Bloodrager Organizations Preview (Coming Sunday Nov 8th)

Illustration by Sam Denmark
Written by Daniel Marshall

Djinn Touched

All soldiers require a master.  Soldiers who have the power to bend reality, manipulate pure energy in its myriad of forms, and tap into the intense power of their very blood require a master of great power to be worthy of their service.  No soldiers are stronger than we, and no master is greater than Ja’li’tahl, the most powerful of the djinn viziers.

At her command, we have razed cities, destroyed dynasties, and slain beings that would be gods.  In return, she grants us shelter, sustenance, and her blessings.  Her armies spread wide across the region with us at their head.  We know not of her plans, but she brings peace to a region long tortured by warring clans, raiders and beasts.

We, those whom the djinn has blessed, fight for reasons that number more than simple soldier can count, but we fight for her with unquestioning loyalty.  They tell us that when she first came upon the first of us, they were starving and dying of thirst, all while trying to fend off the enormous scarabs, snakes, and pillaging raiders of our homeland.  We were dying when the raiders attacked, thinking to capture us and sell us as slaves, and our fate certainly sealed.

Yet the power of the djinn changed out fate.  She became a whirlwind of ferocious power, sweeping through them and sending them sailing through the air as if they were no more than grains of sand in the desert.  Those that did not perish by her might quickly fled.  Though she had won the battle, there had been a cost, for arrows and scimitar strikes had left her wounds numerous and deep!  Yet she thought not of herself, using her magic to summon food and water for us even as she lay dying of her wounds.

Only when she lay on the brink of death did she tell us of the cave she called her home.  We took her there as quickly as we could, unsure if her body would withstand the journey, short though it was.  Over the next several days, we nursed her back to health.  Water from a crystal clear pool was used to cleanse her wounds, and what little remained of the food she had summoned was offered in an effort to help her regain her strength.

She saved us, and we saved her.  Such is the bond we bear with Ja’li’tahl, and the reason that we fight for her.  Others have found us since those days long ago, drawn to us, and to her, by the power in their blood.  The cave has expanded into a fortress, built into the cliff side to shelter it from the elements, and we… well, we have become the greatest weapon for peace that the land has ever seen!




We swear an oath to obey our Lady Ja’li’Tahl, the djinni who saved us from death.  We follow her commands into the jaws of death itself if necessary, for she seeks peace through the only way possible in these forsaken lands… war.

Entry Requirements

Must seek out the Djinn Touched and be accepted into their ranks by the J’li’tahl herself.  Usually this requires some manner of oath of allegiance and a deed to prove your worth.


Sol Dal’een – While Ja’li’Tahl frequently interacts with her most powerful soldiers; she is often busy with other things.  As such, she requires someone to manage her armies in her absence.  To this end she has entrusted her consort, a janni by the name of Sol Dal’een.  Though he does not bear the same power or authority as the vizier, he has slowly earned the respect of the Djinn Touched by treating them with respect, and joining them side by side on the battlefield.  Many tell tales of his blades, weaving death as he moves through the field of battle, sending countless foes to meet their gods.

Character Options

Their constant interaction with such a powerful being beings her blessing upon the Djinn Touched.  The magical waters of the crystal pool also contributes to their unique abilities.

Alternate Class Features

Djinn Touched – Add Invisibility and Gaseous Form to the bloodrager’s potential choice of spells due to the influence of their Djinni matron.
Whirlwind of Blades – The Djinn Touched have learned to mimic the powerful whirlwind ability of their mistress, though without the potent elemental power behind it.  At 3rd level, you can make a single full-attack action as if you possessed the Whirlwind Attack feat 1/day.  For every three levels beyond 3rd you can execute this attack an additional time per day.  This ability replaces Blood Sanctuary.


Storm of Blades
Lighting shoots along your blades, blasting any they strike with powerful energy.
Prerequisite Elemental (Air) bloodline, or member of the Djinn Touched
Benefit As a swift action you can sacrifice one of your spells per day to inflict electricity damage on anyone struck by your weapon in the current round.  The damage is equal to the level of the spell sacrificed plus your Charisma modifier.

#30 Bloodrager Organizations Preview (Coming Sunday Nov 8th)

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