Friday, November 6, 2015

Martial Arts Guidebook preview: Martial Techniques (Preorder Ends Sunday, Retail Release Nov 15th)

Illustration by Juan Diego Dianderes

Martial Techniques 

Full-Sized Free PDF Preview and Preorder can be found HERE!  (Preorder ends Sunday Nov 8th, Retail Release Nov 15th)

Options and Access 

 As the GM, you might decide that allowing your players to use these techniques an unlimited number of times per day is too powerful. If so, we encourage you to only allow characters with a point pool (i.e. arcane pool, grit, ki pool, lay on hands, or touch of corruption class feature) to take and use techniques. An optional point pool cost is provided in the technique descriptions let you know how many points from a point pool will be consumed when they are implemented as a part of those class features. A technique with an optional point cost of 0 is usable an infinite number of times as long as the character has one point in its point pool.

 We've done some experimenting here, pushing the boundaries of how martial characters work to provide something beyond "I Power Attack," or "I Vital Strike." Not all of these options may fit your playstyle. Feel free to include or exclude specific techniques to suit your game

Below is an example.

Soaring Tanuki

You suddenly grab your opponent with your free hand and toss him away from you.

Wushin Tanuki Technique (Light or One-Handed; Melee)

Prerequisites: One Wushin Tanuki technique

[Alternate Prerequisites]: BAB +3, Improved Trip or Improved Reposition

Activation Time: 1 standard action

[Optional Point Cost]: 1 point

Effect: To use this technique you must have one hand free. Make either a trip or reposition (APG) attempt against an opponent up to one size category larger than you. This attempt does not provoke an attack of opportunity and you do not fall prone if it fails by 10 or more. If your attempt succeeds, you throw your opponent in a square of your choosing up to 10 feet from its current position. Your opponent falls prone in the destination square and takes Xd6 bludgeoning damage where X equals 1/5 your BAB (minimum 1). You must place your opponent in an empty square that does not contain hazardous terrain. In addition, you may make an Acrobatics check (DC your opponent’s CMD) to follow with a jump and land on your opponent dealing an extra +2d6 bludgeoning damage. After this attack, you lose the benefit of your Dexterity bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.

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