Wednesday, March 14, 2012

101 Magus Feats (Work in Progress)

Spent some time today working on 101 Magus Feats. This time out I finished up the first 50 feats, which deal with all the various magus archetypes. Though I decided to avoid the Super Genius Game cabalist as there are sorcerer bloodline feats you can take that go along well with this.

One thing I really enjoy about the magus is the aracna pool as a resource.

Also I brought on Mark Hyzer to do a image for the magus, I wanted a female character that is somewhere between

Elric of Melnibone

and a Sith Witch,

Can't wait to see what Mark comes up with.

Here are is a preview of a feat that works with the Arcana Lord archetype

Arcana Absorption (General)

“Your power will become my power.”

Prerequisites: arcane pool and cannibalize spell class feature

Benefit: Once per round as a free action you can expend 1 point from your arcane pool and gain spell resistance equal to 12 +your magus class level against one spell or spell-like ability attack. If your opponent fails to overcome your spell resistance you gain a number of arcane pool points based on its spell level equal to the amount you would gain if you had siphoned power from a prepared spell to restore your arcane pool using your cannibalize spell or improved cannibalize spell class feature.

Special: You may select this feat as a magus arcana so long as you meet its prerequisites.

101 Magus Feats coming April 1st (not an april fool's joke :)

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