Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Demolished Ones (FATE) Sales numbers first 30 days.

These are the sales numbers from DrivethruRpg/Rpgnow for the first 30 days of The Demolished Ones release (I don't have date on our direct sales from Chronicle City yet). The Demolished Ones was funded by the Kickstarter (155 backers final pledges $5,430.00) so it had no overhead costs at the time of release. Its total production costs were roughly $2,100.00

The Demolished Ones (Fate) 08/22/2013-09/22/2013
Copies Sold 104,  Gross Revenue $1,486.46, Net Revenue $928.68

I feel really good about this and a strong showing of over 100+ copies in the first 30 days even after a Kickstarter, as this shows good signs of being an evergreen product for Rite Publishing, I am very happy to say we have already released a Kindle & Nook version plus our first supplement Amnesia.

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