Monday, December 15, 2014

37 things Rite Publishing is working on.

Card Game
  1. Code Name: Erlking , in second playtesting phase, additional cards added, some cards updated 

  1. Lost in Dream a novel has been released.
13th Age Roleplaying Game
  1. The Breaking of Forstor Nagar  in layout.   
  2. 101 Mystical Site Qualities in conversion development
Fifth Edition Done Rite
  1. The Breaking of Forstor Nagar  in layout 
  1. The Demolished Ones: Fly in the Ointment  mock layout complete, waiting on art.
  2. Making The Demolished Ones available on

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow
  1. The Long Walk manuscript complete, in editing, art complete. Expected release March/April
  2. Addendum: Shapeshifting in development by Jason Durall. 
  3. Threats: Threshold Ghosts in development by Jason Durall
  4. No Beast So Fierce adventure by me, manuscript in playtesting/development, art is complete. Next stage after that will be using this to run my online game for backers
  5. Icon Deck: NPCs: Art Descriptions in development. 2 pieces assigned to artists.
  6. Gossamer & Shadow Adventure Path/Campaign Saga in development 
  7. Threats: Secrets of the Annunaki  in editing.
  8. Lucien’s Guide 3 in development by Rob Donoghue.
  9. Gossamer Worlds: The Black
  10. Gossamer Worlds in development by Clinton J. Boomer. 
  11. Gossamer Persona: Delayed in the Development Pass stage.
  12. Gossamer Worlds: Planet Fiction a 32 page full-color Print and PDF project in development.


  1. In the Company of Dragons: The Lost Isles (In Development).
  2. Pathways #46 assigned to writers.
  3. Adventure Quarterly #6 Coming in Jannuary.
  4. Faces of the Tarnished Souk: An NPC Collection  300+ pages in proofing, coming in March/April.
  5. Martial Arts Guidebook waiting on art, doing mock layout.  (print)
  6. Rite Map Pack: Regional Map (working title) by Tommi Salama in development.
  7. 101 Not So Random Encounters: Desert manuscript in development
  8. Summoner of the Jade Oath manuscript in development
  9. Kaidan Campaign Setting in mock layout, final chapters to be written, art orders being placed.
  10. The Secrets of The Divine: Death, Healing, Law, & Madness in development.  
  11. Questhaven Campaign Setting in development with me writing. 
  12. 1001 Magic Items mock layout complete, cover art complete, needs interior art
  13. Ultimate Monsters Hero Lab (Book of Monster templates, 101 not so simple monster templates, 101 Monster Feats, 101 Variant Monsters etc.) assigned to the Rite Coder.
  14. Book of Kaiju assigned to Riters
  15. 10 Wizard Magic Items releasing today.
  16. A print on demand version of Breaking of Forstor Nagar
  17. A print on demand version of Coliseum Morpheuon

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