Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Transparency: 35 things Rite is working on publishing, and where we are at.

35 Things I am currently working on getting published, some of these are working titles (and one has not title)


  1. Lost in Dream a novel in editing

Dungeon World

  1. An new Adventure (no title yet), assigned to a Riter (a freelancer author working for Rite Publishing). 


  1. Pieces of Fate assigned to a Riter
  2. The Demolished Ones: Fly in the Ointment second draft stage by Robert N. Emerson

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

  1. Curses & Enchantments Waiting on art before going to layout. 
  2. Iconic Characters waiting on art before going to layout
  3. Threats: Echo of the Typhonians reviewing art sketches before moving on to final art. 
  4. Threats Dwimmerlaik: In Editing
  5. Nexopolis: In Editing
  6. Empathy: In Editing
  7. Gossamer Worlds 2 1st draft submitted, waiting on 2nd draft. 
  8. Icon Deck: waiting on final art before layout
  9. The Long Walk assigned to a Riter
  10. Shapeshifting assigned to a Riter


  1. In the Company of Dragons Playtest (ongoing)
  2. Pathways #35 proofing
  3. Perram's Spellbook 221 Magus Spell Cards (CRB, APG, UM, UC) in layout
  4. Rite Cartography Map Packs by Tommi Salama (3-4 files) in layout
  5. Adventure Quarterly #5 waiting on printing proof
  6. Martial Arts Guidebook in editing
  7. The Secrets of the Masked Reveler  in editing
  8. Magus of the Jade Oath in editing 
  9. Convergent Paths 3 in editing
  10. Haunted Quarter assigned to a Riter
  11. The Secrets of the Divine 2 with me writing
  12. Kaidan Campaign Setting in development assigned to a Riter and Me :)
  13. Questhaven Campaign Setting in development with me writing. 
  14. 101 Not So Random Encounters: Forest Kingdom assigned to a Riter
  15. #30 Mercenary Companies assigned to a Riter
  16. Adventure Quarterly #6 assigned to Riters 
  17. The Secerts of Renegade Archetypes 2 assigned to a Riter
  18. 20 Variant Foes Wargs assigned to Riter
  19. 20 Kaiju assigned to a Rtier
  20. Pathways #36 assigned to Riters

If you have a question please feel free to ask and I will answer as openly and as honestly as I can.

Steven D. Russell
Lord Protector
Rite Publishing

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