Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Underhanded Goblin Tactics!

I wrote this up and I think I cribbed big parts of it from a Dragon magazine article about orcs but goblins work just as well.

  1. Mounted on monsters (take your pick) 
  2. Throw a  skunk at party 
  3. Roll boulders downhill at PCs 
  4. A non-goblin ally leads the PCs into an to ambush 
  5. Wave torches at mounts to spook them 
  6. Dig pits in the area of the ambush 
  7. Nets slug in the trees 
  8. Lots of Goblin bowman at very long range 
  9. Ravine high advantage and cover 
  10. Hidden spears set for a charge 
  11. Grease has been spread on ground 
  12. Throw sacks of pepper 
  13. All the goblins have poisoned weapons or other cursed weapons 
  14. Sneak in at night while party sleeps 
  15. Wear out a party over several days with hit and run tactics don’t let the party sleep.  
  16. A number of goblins dress up like other monster (worse have prisoners dressed up like this) 
  17. Hostage children used as shields 
  18. Pet monster 
  19. Feign an attack on non-goblin allies 
  20. Tripwires in the underbrush 
  21. Bows fire then back away,   
  22. Muddy ground soaked with oil, then set on fire 
  23. Goblin with class levels
  24. Drugged wine is left for the PCs
  25. Green leaves on goblin cookpot fires makes dense smoke downwind of the camp 
  26. Non-goblin allies or just Hired Mercenaries to fight the party 
  27. Goblins are concealed in water, breathing through reeds, leap out of the water (surprise)! 
  28. Change up the goblin feats to give them a new trick or two
  29. Use large weapons two-handed which deal more dmg 
  30. Cause an Avalanche over a mountain trail 
  31. Doctored a spring with a sweet tasting drug 
  32. Goblin Dogs (or other monster) to serve as guardians and trackers 
  33. Goblins have aerial support from goblins mounted on flying creatuers like giant wasps 
  34. Goblins use flaming arrows 
  35. Shield wall with Tower shields 
  36. Palisade must cross grants cover 
  37. Goblins arches firing from a boat in a nearby river or lake 
  38. Goblins scatter caltrops 
  39. Logs soaked with flaming tar are rolled down hills at the Pcs 
  40. Sacks filled with angry snakes are tossed into the PCs camp at night 
  41. Dismounting rope across the path of retreat to get mounted pursuers.  
  42. The Goblins have spread bear traps throughout the underbrush 
  43. An eatchen cave underneath the trail they collapse it deep pit with loose earthen walls (that may collapse) 
  44. Off handed weapon use 
  45. Clad in rusty but functional plate mail 
  46. Goblink bowmen on a grove atop the nearby hill each archer has a stuffed dummy next to him 
  47. The goblins have a mascot templated Creature be creative. 
  48. Bull roarer that make horses nervous 
  49. Grappling Goblins no fencing with them (or other combat maneuver like feint)
  50. catapult in the brush on a mountain? 
  51. Ditch filled with tar then set on fire to form a barrier 
  52. A non-goblin ally with pigsblood and dressed as a merchant concealed poison dagger 
  53. dark rainy night cuts down on torches 
  54. A non-goblin ally joints the party! (a traitor)
  55. Climb trees firing from the safety of high branch 
  56. Brush and forest fire in dry weather 
  57. War Wagon arrow slits and wet hides 
  58. Trap of a flaming barricade and the goblins fire over it with bows 
  59. A false treasure map lures victims into an ambush
  60. the goblins cause herd animals to stampede in the party (cattle, elephants, dinosaurs!) 
  61. Twice as many goblins as PCs they fight in pairs one all out defense the other attacking (Teamwork feats)

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