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Need More Love! (PFRPG)

There are over 3,000 Pathfinder Compatible Products out there, and some of them are very well known like Tome of Horrors complete, Razor Coast, Way of the Wicked, the Midgard Campaign Settings, the Genius Guide to the Time Thief, even my own 1001 Spells. But what I wanted to do was point you at some of the unknown greats out there, products not produced by me, diamonds in the rough, products that Need More Love! (In no particular order)

Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook
Why It's Good: A unique and interesting all-aquatic campaign, does a thorough job of converting existing RPG tropes, equipment, and mechanics to a plausible-sounding undersea civilization (ink comes from "milked" squids, fire spells manifest as boiling geysers, etc), and has the best rules I've seen for 3 Dimensional Combat. Some of the best artwork out there for Pathfinder, pretty to look at.
Buy This If... You enjoy new RPG experiences especially under the waves, and want good material for undersea adventures in traditional campaign settings.
Paizo Link. 

Conflict PvP: Tactics & Teams Rulebook
Why It's Good: An extensive system for tournament-style player versus player matches, partially inspired by online MMOs. Incorporates various types of matches beyond just violent encounters, such as "capture the flag" retrievals, who can gather the most treasure in a time limit, and takes into account caster/noncaster disparity by offering options to help bridge the gap (terrain which launches a person into the air to melee a flying opponent, spells with long casting times are off-limits, etc).
Buy This If... You want to pit your character-building skills against your fellow players in an "arena" environment.
Drive-Thru RPG Link.
Paizo Link (Hardcover Only) 

The Road to Revolution: The Campaign (PFRPG) PDF
Why its good, planned by Tim Hitchcock with maps by Mario Barbati, You have Adam Daigle (who now works for paizo) Liz Courts (who does too), Tim Hitchcock (if you don't know him you should) Lou Argesta (of razor coast fame), Rone Barton, John Ling, Greg Oppedisano, and Brendan Victorson
Buy this if you want to run A urban adventure path levels 1-16
Paizo Link 
I am sure there is a printer version, I forgot where though.

Why its good Purple duck games is an unsung trooper of Pathfinder 3PP, they do a lot of cool stuff but I love templates so a series that puts a new template (which multiplies your monsters, as green ronin says) on the same creature gets my thumbs up and needs more love.
Buy this if you like good monster templates or love otyughs!
Paizo Link

Snow White
Why its good A lot gets said about Rise of the Drow but to me adventureaweek.com at its best is the Snow White trilogy. Solid writing, new twists on an very grim fariey tale, cartography by Todd Gamble, its great stuff.
Buy this if you like gothic faerie tales, and don't want to tell you players your doing it.
Paizo Link

Tournaments, Fairs, & Taverns 
Why its goodDrinking rules, in-universe games, and wizard football, its a best seller from the 3.0/3.5 days but it does not get much Pathfinder love and its a great book. If there was a complete Pathfinder conversion of War of the Burning Sky that would have got my vote though.
Buy This If you ever have your players in a tavern, attend a fair, or compete in a tournament. So really buy this because I bet thy ask where the tavern is.
paizo link

All Stars Take On the Mega Dungeon (PFRPG) 
Why its goodEd Greenwood, Monte Cook, Steven Schend (my first GM by the way), Brian Cortijo... nuff said.
Buy this if you ever run a dungeon you can loot it for great ideas even if you don't run it streat.
paizo link

Book of Beasts: Monsters of the Shadow Plane (PFRPG)
Why its good: Book of Beasts River Kingdom gets a lot of love, mostly because of kingmaker, but I like this better because these creatures can be dropped in anywhere, I also love that the creatures are presented with in character advice from Npcs who have encountered them. And we all know I love good flavor and good mechanics with a narrative.
Buy this if you like shadow magic or the plane of shadow is part of your games cosmology becuase like I said these can be in any campaign due to the plane of shadow touching all planes.
Paizo Link (in print and pdf)

Your Whispering Homunculus (PFRPG) 
Why Its Good:Because its Richard Pett writing game aids, on par with Raging Swan's Dungeon Dressing. Midguard gets a lot of love, as does the kobold's guides, but to me this is one of the things that Kobold Press has done for Pathfinder that needs more love.
Buy this if you want to help suspend your players disbelief in your game world.
Paizo Link (in print and pdf)

Horns of the Hunted (PFRPG) 
Why its good Because it is a plug in that makes the story of Kingmaker work better, it did something I had not seen before a plug in that did not just add on to the mechanics of a AP, but something that plugged into the story, and improved that story.
Buy this if Your running the Kingmaker adventure path
Paizo Link

NeoExodus: A House Divided Campaign Setting (PFRPG) 
Why Its Good: Amazing Art, Amazing Layout, solid writing and its not a Lord of The Rings clone there are no elves, dwarves, halflings etc. NeoExodus is a truly unique campaign setting everyone should read.
Buy this if your like pretty books and your tired of the same old same old.
Paizo Link

A Necromancer's Almanac: 2012 (PFRPG)
Why Its Good: Necromaners of the Northwest make some of the best free stuff out there, and they are incredibly prolific so a collection of a whole year is just damn perfect.
Buy This If you enjoy a grab bag of cool stuff like a dragon magazine annual.
Paizo Link

Children of Wyrms 
Why Its Good: - The layout and artwork in this book is Glorious. It also delves into the metalic half-dragon's background and ecology in a way I love, so much so I wanted more, but its not a players book to me its a GMs book, but I love it for that very reason.
Buy This If You want to have metallic half-dragons play a major role in your campaign.
DrivehtruRpg Link

All That Glitters 
Why Its Good: Raging Swan Does dungeon dressing like no one's business but you won't always need it, In a standard fantasy adventure you will need treasure, and who wants boring old treasure.
Buy This If: You want to have treasure hoards that evoke awe and wonder. 

Darkness Without Form: Secrets of the Mimic (PFRPG)
Why Its Good: This is a great and useful monster ecology created by Clinton J. Boomer and Matt Banach. Plust its from Sean K. Reynolds games.
Buy This If: you like to make use of Mimics.
Paizo Link

Rhune: The Stormpunk Character Primer (PFRPG)
Why Its Good: Storm Bunny Studios is the poster child of need mores love, they make some of the highest quality books and yet no one seems to know about them, so here I give you something free, but you should really check out all the stuff.
Buy This If: you like FREE!
Paizo Link

Genius Guide to the Templar
Why Its Good: Owen K.C. Stepens has made so much good stuff (I am looking at you Time Thief) but one that does not get enough love but gets asked for all the time is alternate alignment paladins, well its been sitting here all the time in the form of the Template.
Buy This If: want to play divine warriors who are not Lawful Good
Paizo Link

Super Genius Presents: The Vile Magic of Argonax the Mad (PFRPG)
Why Its Good: Owen K.C. Stepens get's a lot of prop for his mechanics but here is an exmaple of his skills with fluff and why I consider him one of the best Game Designer's alive.
Buy This If: you want to make artifacts.
Paizo Link

Forgotten Foes 
Why Its Good: Really high quality writing, design and even Lore DCS for you monsters for a bunch of monsters that were not included in the Pathfinder Rpg, with really great art.
Buy This If: like a great monster book.
Paizo Link in print and pdf

It Came From the Stars Campaign Guide 
Why Its Good: Amazing art, and some of the best writers in the industry who have both written for me and written for paizo: John Bennett, Clinton J. Boomer, Chuck DiTusa, Scott Gable, Michael Kortes, Colin McComb, Richard Pett, John Pingo, David Schwartz, and Mike Welham
Buy This If: you like hellboy and other lovecraftian goodness.
Paizo Link in print and pdf

Tome of Horrors 4 
Why Its Good: Its from the same folks who brought you tome of horrors complete, but it has better full color art!
Buy This If: like a solid monster book.
Paizo Link in print and pdf

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