Tuesday, January 14, 2014

City of Spells: Animate Object

 Line Art: Jesse Robidas

Colorist : Brittney Lezon

I, Owain Northway can tell you that the spell animate object sees a good bit of use in my hometown city of Questhaven especially in conjunction with the permanency spell. Popular items created by the Hornorable Order of Theurgic Master Craftsmen include a good number of animated and self-propelled vehicles. I have ridden in an animated carriage, heavy chariot, sleigh, heavy wagon, row boat, a few small sailing ships like cutters and sloops plus a very rare animated rare glider. 

Mathena the Maker, Child of Tituk of the line of Tu;  a female gargoyle and Artisan of Hallowed Vessels in service to Our Grand Wright in Heaven is extremely well known for creating some of the most interesting animated objects in the whole of the Protectorate. She often grants her objects the ability to burrow, fly, climb or swim so as to surprise trespassing members of the Questor’s Society such as myself. Some of the more knowledgeable folk I have consulted on this matter say she has also learned the art of creating life-spark constructs and given her creations free will and sentience, while others simply follow instructions of those who know the proper command words while others fallow intricate or simple preset directives

There are however a few problems holding back the more widespread use of animated objects. Their their ability to follow only limited commands, the unreliability of sentient constructs and the cultural considerations of slavery of sentient creatures especially amongst the ironborn. However many of the rich favor them as modes of transportation due to their continuous function and their lack of the need to feed an animated object, some have started recently to use them in milling and other repetitive tasks, though theft of objects is common once the command words are learned, so the expense causes further issues.  

The following list below is formed from some of the more interesting animated objects I have encountered in my journeys:

  1. Altar
  2. Archway
  3. Armchair
  4. Armoire
  5. Armor (what type)
  6. Ashtray
  7. Astrolabe
  8. Bardic Instruments
  9. Basket
  10. Bed
  11. Bench
  12. Book
  13. Bookcase
  14. Boots (slippers, shoes; swarms)
  15. Bowls (swarm)
  16. Bouncing Ball
  17. Brazier
  18. Broom
  19. Bucket
  20. Caltrops (swarm)
  21. Cage
  22. Cauldron
  23. Chair
  24. Chains (metal type)
  25. Chamber Pot
  26. Chandelier
  27. Chest
  28. Church Bell
  29. Cloak
  30. Closet
  31. Coffin (normal, ornate)
  32. Coins (swarm, metal type)
  33. Crystal Skull
  34. Curtains
  35. Desk (simple, ornate, rolltop)
  36. Dog House
  37. Dog Choker Chain
  38. Door (Iron, Stone, Wooden)
  39. Drinkware (glass, stein, cup, flask etc; swarm)
  40. Fireplace
  41. Floor
  42. Floor Tiles (Material Type)
  43. Floor Grating (Metal Type)
  44. Footstool
  45. Forgefire
  46. Fountain
  47. Grindstone
  48. Guillotine
  49. Hammer and Anvil
  50. Hangman’s Scaffold
  51. Haystack (Swarm)
  52. Holy Symbol (Huge or Smaller, choose material)
  53. Incense Burner
  54. Iron Maiden
  55. Logs (small kindling to massive yule log)
  56. Marbles (swarm)
  57. Mirror
  58. Net
  59. Obelisk
  60. Pallet
  61. Pants
  62. Painting
  63. Pedal Harp
  64. Petrified Creature
  65. Piano
  66. Pillars
  67. Pillory
  68. Pillow
  69. Pipe Organ
  70. Pipe (Smoking)
  71. Pitchfork
  72. Portcullis
  73. Potbellied stove
  74. Printing Press
  75. Plates (swarm)
  76. Rack (torture)
  77. Railing
  78. Rags (swarm)
  79. Rugs
  80. Sack
  81. Shield (type and material type)
  82. Sofa
  83. Spittoon
  84. Spirits (cask, keg, barrel)
  85. Statue (huge or smaller, metal or stone)
  86. Stairs
  87. Stuffed Animal (kids toy, or taxidermy)
  88. Table (banquet or small)
  89. Tapestry
  90. Throne
  91. Torch
  92. Trap (Mechanical)
  93. Tub
  94. Utensils (metal type, swarm)
  95. Vise (torture)
  96. Wall (material type)
  97. Weapon (melee/ range, type, and material type)
  98. Wheel (torture)
  99. Wine Press
  100. Workbench

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