Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow Adventure No Beast So Fierce: Adventure Background and Introduction

Just over a year ago, something happened on the Gossamer world of Fierce, when a group of cybernetically enhanced soldiers, infused with the power of the Eidolon, started attacking the city near its Door and all the local residents. Sato-sama The Blue Widow, an agent of one of the Gossamer Lords, was returning home along the Grand Stair from the Nightmare Kingdom. Sato-sama volunteered to help the relief efforts leading a group of Gossamer agents, and then deserted when ordered by her lord to abandon the world and its refugees.

Robotic mecha security forces Sato-sama commandeered and the enhanced soldiers waged a brutal battle, leaving the latter in possession of the Door. Sato-sama activated a martial law protocol in the Security Mechs, and struggled to maintain order amid a never-ending war with the enhanced soldiers, and the dwindling resources of the inhabitants. The last communication from Sato-sama stated that she was attempting to lead survivors out of the world to the Grand Stair. The group never arrived, and soon afterwards the Gossamer Lords declared Fierce, forbidden, its door sealed. Her Gossamer Lord then publicly disavowed Sato-sama as a renegade and a traitor.  All went quite, and uses of Sato-sama’s icon revealed nothing, leading many to believe she is dead.

Yesterday, a signal came from Sato-sama’s icon. Its message was brief; “This is Sato-sama, The Blue Widow. Attempted evacuation of Fierce ended in complete failure. The butcher’s bill is too damn high.”

Sato-Sama’s Gossamer Lord has decided to send in a group of agents (The PCs), and so begins the adventure No Beast, So Fierce. 

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