Friday, March 21, 2014

Things I would like to do for Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Diceless)

Illustration by Juan Diego Diandres
For the Icon Deck

In no particular order. 

Gossamer Adventure Path (we have the first part of that with The Long Walk)

Adventure (We have the first one with No Beast So Fierce)

Threats (Just released our first one in this, with another on the way)

Gossamer Factions (this is about groups that serve the Lords of Gossamer and Oppose them, that players could belong to, they are not outright threats, need to recruit some freelancers).  

Addendum (we have one of these out, we have more on the way, Iconic Characters, Empathy, Shapeshifting, Guide to Powers. Variant Options etc. ) 

Bestiary (This is a rich unmined place, of the Grand Stair, of specific Gossamer Worlds, Of Shadow etc. )

Npc Codex (What Mark Knight did is awesome, would love to do this and go farther still). 

Icon Deck (its coming I have 4 things left to assign, and I am already looking a Icon Deck #2)

Fiction (We have talked about this be it an anthology piece or a novel, me I want a comic book graphic novel).  

Lucien's Guide to the Grand Stair (Part 1 is out, we are working on part 2)

Gossamer Worlds (these are coming along really nicely)

Gossamer Campaign Setting (Nexopolis is coming!)

Playmat? (I can't see doing a GM screen). 

What would like to see?

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