Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow: No Beast So Fierce (preview)

Illustration by Lee Anthony Moten 

6. Lake of Stars (Phoros Lake)
Near the center of the volcanic intrusion that the city of No was built upon, the locals have created a deep artificial salt water lake. It has a beach, a large section of floating housing, and a natural aquarium. At night the phosphorescent plankton glow, giving the body of water its name. Due to the large amount of rain, the water is currently very high, and the smell of the salt water reaches to nearly every area around it but especially on its western side.   

Psyche:  The PC with the highest rank in Psyche will notice that there is something with a psychic presence that resides within the lake, though they cannot tell how strong.   

Perceiving the Umbra: The natural flow of Umbra in the local Gossamer has been disrupted and a great deal seems to be settling within the depths of the lake.    

– – – – – –

Within the lake you will find the Umbra mutated kaiju Phoros (which is where the Umbra has been flowing too). It is likely at one time Phoros was a thresher shark. If there is an active use of Eidolon on the surface or near the water’s edge Phoros will surface and lash out, it will also be drawn to the Giant Mech if it brought up onto the top of the volcanic intrusion. It will also seek out and eventually attack Cynan if lured toward the Hive, or if Cynan is lured toward the lake.  If slain Phoros uses its Umbra Regeneration to appear else where as new and different type of kaiju. 

I am leaving out the stats on Phoros for the project release. 

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