Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow: No Beast So Fierce Adventure Preview.

Illustration by Vincent Lefevre

Temple of the Platinum Pavilion,

Hidden among a large copse of bamboo trees covered with a variety of mosses is a Zen garden and temple. There area is serenely quite with the bamboo trees blocking out the wind, and the smell of the fresh water and the flowers from the garden filling the site. The main structure is a two-story Kannon Hall, it appears unfinished as only part of the structure is covered in a platinum leaf, though this fits with the Zen view of transience and imperfection. There is also a beautiful Japanese garden, and a sand garden, which central feature is a carefully formed pile of sand that symbolizes the volcanic intrusion the city of Nō rests upon.  

The electronic ink image of Sota-sama, who appears haggard if uninjured, will appear on the wall of those who enter the temple, she will bow to them: “Good Greetings, if you came searching for a Zen master I am sorry the Cyber-Naki, already got him and they turned him into a cyber-ninja like some reject from Mortal Kombat, so watch out.” 

Psyche: Characters ranked higher than the Cyber-naki-ninja will sense the presence of his psychic presence but once a character with a lesser rank reaches the bamboo forest he will mask his psychic presence.  

Perceiving the Eidolon: The structure of eidolon here is extremely beautiful, and one can tell that gossamer reality here has been bolstered and guided by an eidolon master the symbolic mound of sand is almost mesmerizing in its pattern.

Perceiving the Umbra: the flow of umbra here is one of the weakest you have seen, but its flow is quite elegant and beautiful, like watching a thousand little tributaries after a light rain.

Wayfinding: if the PCs enter the temple before examining the gardens and use wayfinding to locate the the cyber-naki-ninja Sota-sama speaks of or if they use it after noticing his psychic presence, they will locate him meditating on the second floor, if they spent enough time in the gardens’ he will be found sneaking up behind them!

– – – – – –

The Cyber-naki-ninja was once the Zen Buddhist priest of the Platinum Pavilion he was captured and transformed, though when not assigned a duty by the Alpha-naki, he returns here to meditate in an attempt to override the cybernetic programing and the indecipherable commands of the original Annunaki.   

Umbra (affecting reality): Any attempt to affect reality with Umbra Mastery here requires a Psyche 2 ranks higher than the Cyber-Naki-Ninja, do to its continuous use of guiding and bolstering of reality here.  You experience this as if a Eidolon Master were opposing your use of Umbra. 

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