Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Superhuman Life

Subject Line: Project Origin Hunter SUCCESS!

We have achieved success with Subject #29, who responded to our "Volunteers needed for research into superhuman abilities.” online ad. We followed all of your detailed requirements for psychological screening. As a child, Subject #29 developed a rich fantasy life centered on superheroes and their amazing abilities, probably due to poor self-image issues. He even requested that we remove a mirror from his room

Up until Subject #29, the results of Project Origin Hunter have obviously discouraged me. I had hoped that, given the psychological profiles of the test group we had gathered, we would have had some type of superhuman response. I had already subjected all the previous subjects to a variety of intense psychological stimuli coupled with life threatening situations and none of them have survived, let alone developed any noticeable degree of superhuman ability. However with Subject #29 being an emancipated minor coupled with the greatest desire to gain superhuman powers, I allowed myself a degree of hope. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next.

Up until I was ready to begin, I had left Subject #29 in total sensory deprivation, while being subjected to various hallucinogenics. The second month he was exposed only to imagery (and audio) of various acts of violence and human brutalities. Finally today he was exposed to Polonium-210.  It was then that he began to change. In the moment of our breakthrough, he absorbed ALL the radiation of the Polonium-210, and all the background radiation in the room. He became something else, a massive monstrosity of dark textured metal and power. He effortlessly broke out of containment, destroying nearly the entire facility in its effort to leave,  and killing the majority of the staff in the process. What was once Subject #29, is now just the creature I now dub Ruin.

I plan to purs

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