Thursday, March 14, 2013

101 Variant Monsters Preview #2

Lamia (first version) by John William Waterhouse (1905); note the snakeskin wrapped around her arm and waist.

Gluttonous Lamia (Lamia)

Description: This creature's upper torso is that of a comely woman with a hideously large maw, and reptilian eyes, while her lower body is that of a serpent. These once mortal woman were transformed by the curse of a spiteful diety after murdering their children, to this day they seek to kill and consume children but truly they will settle for any other humanoid creature.

Melee Bite +13 (4d8 +4 plus grab) and tail slap +11 (2d6+2 plus grab) this replaces a lamia’s dagger, touch, and claw attacks.  

Reach 10 ft. (15 ft. with bite) this replaces a lamia’s normal reach.

Special Attacks constrict (tail slap, 2d6 +6),grab, swallow whole ( bite, 7d6 acid damage, AC 13, hp 6),

God-Cursed (Su) a gluttonous lamia possess the bite, grapple, constrict, grab, and swallow whole special attacks as if she were a gargantuan creature. Creatures swallowed whole are not actually in her stomach as this is actually an extradimensional space and the damage dealt does not harm the gluttonous lamia.
This replaces a lamia’s wisdom drain special attack and all of a lamia’s spell-like abilities except disguise self.

CMB +14 (+24 grapple); CMD 28 (34 vs grapple, 32 vs. trip) this replaces a lamia’s normal CMB and CMD. 

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