Wednesday, March 13, 2013

#30 Manuals of Improvement (by Mike Welham, coming tomorrow) Preview

#30 Manuals of Improvement (by Mike Welham, coming tomorrow)

Books are vital for my profession, and I spend a great deal of time acquiring books to improve and widen my knowledge. Sometimes, though, I need others to make the journey into forbidding crypts and ancient, trap-laden libraries to recover these books. For the most part, the adventurers I hire have no interest in the works, but in rare cases they find manuals and tomes that actively benefit them.

Many of these powerful books improve a basic attribute, such as strength or intellect, requiring their readers to spend a great deal of time in meditation and study to gain the books’ magical power and rendering the book magically inert. I have learned of a new class of manuals that are slightly less powerful, but still incredibly useful for those who take the time to study them. These books impart or improve a trained skill, grant special abilities, or increase the reader’s aptitude in her chosen profession.These books change fundamental elements of the reader’s mental or physical makeup.

I admit that I could not pay that price regardless of the power I might receive in return, and I would prefer to leave the magic contained within the books intact.

—Melnor, Sage (second class) of Questhaven

Note : Each of the books listed here only provides its benefits once, after which the book becomes non-magical.

Answers to Universal Enigmas

Aura moderate universal; CL 15th

Slot –; Price 5,000 gp (elementary), 10,000 gp (advanced), 16,000 gp (expert); Weight 2 lbs.

A variety of mystical symbols cover the front, back and spine of this series of light blue books. Inside, those who are already knowledgeable about the mysteries of the universe will discover techniques to increase that understanding and apply it to their oracle mysteries.

Elementary: A 2nd level (or higher) oracle gains a greater understanding of the basic tenets from his mystery. After spending 24 hours over the course of at least 3 days studying the book, the oracle may choose two skills from his mystery’s class skill list and gain 1 rank in those skills (not to exceed his maximum skill ranks).

Advanced: A character with at least 7 oracle levels can access his mystery’s secrets earlier by studying this book for 48 hours over the course of at least 6 days. At the conclusion of this study period, he can pick two revelations he already knows; he is treated as 1 level higher for the purposes of accessing the revelations’ benefits.

Expert: This work grants a broader understanding to characters with at least 12 oracle levels. Upon completing 80 hours’ worth of study over the course of at least 10 days, the oracle can select an additional revelation from his mystery. Additionally, once per day the oracle can select two spells from his bonus spell list that he may cast in addition to his normal spells per day.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, limited wish or minor miracle, creator must have a minimum number of oracle levels (elementary: 5, advanced: 10, expert: 15); Cost 2,500 gp (elementary), 5,000 gp (advanced), 8,000 gp (expert)

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