Wednesday, April 24, 2013

101 Variant Monsters update

101 Variant Monsters updates 7 more today (70 total): Blue-eyed Devil (Gelugon Devil), Typhoon Giant (Storm Giant), Hand of the Reliquary (Demilich), Heim Linnorm (Linnorm, Crag), Osmium Golem (Brass Golem), Prismwing (Nightshade, Nightwing), Oni, Metal Yai (Oni, Ice Yai)

 Here is the example of the Hand of the Reliquary (Demilich)

Hand of the Reliquary (Demilich)
Description Glittering bejeweled rings decorate this mummified hand as it floats up into the air on a swirling vortex of dust and shimmering magic. A Hand of the Reliquary is a remnant of an avatar’s body, an ascended saint, or demigod’s corpse. Yet these remnants hold great power and a visit a terrible wrath on those that disturb them. Traces of its divine power strengthen the hand, rendering it harder than any steel. Lastly, though only the barest remnants of the hand’s hallowed might survive, a hand of the reliquary aroused to anger still retains enough power to remove a creature from existence before it roused this monstrosities ire.

Rejuvenation: the hand’s reliquary takes the place of a demilich’s phylactery.

Ray of Temporal Entropy (Su) As a standard action with a range of 75 feet, a hand of the reliquary can cause a ray of liquid darkness to springs from its pointing finger. This ray is not blocked by anything. When it strikes an object, it passes through that object and continues on to the limit of its range. The hand must make a ranged touch attack (+14) against all targets within the ray to its maximum range. All targets struck by the ray take 200 points of divine damage. A successful Fort save (DC 24) results in half damage. If the spell slays or destroys the target, it consumes the remains and a creature’s soul utterly including any attended equipment or possessions. That creature can never be resurrected, raised or transformed into undead by any means, including miracle and wish. Only divine intervention from a deity whose portfolio deals with time can restore the creature to life. Artifacts are immune to the effects of this spell.
There is a greater side effect of using this ability. Any creature or object destroyed with this effect ceases to exist for 24 hours before he or it was stuck by this spell. That is, if a creature is destroyed, it is as if that creature never existed for the previous 24 hours. Memories of those actions remain, but the actual events of the creature’s life during the last 24 hours never occurred. For example, an opponent kills several allies but is later slain by this effect, the allies the opponent killed are later found alive, having a blurred memory of their death and at times others who were witness to their deaths express surprise at seeing them alive. The save DC is Charisma-based, and includes a +2 bonus for the Ability Focus feat.
This ability replaces a demilich’s devour soul special attack.

Venerable Anointing (Su) at will as  a standard action a hand of the reliquary can unleash of burst of temporal energy with a 20-ft.-radius spread centered on the hand, living creatures in the area of effect must make a successful Will save (DC 22) or become cursed and have their speed reduced by half, gain the blinded and deafened condition, and have their age categories become venerable. A victim’s age in years is the minimum threshold for a venerable creature, so an elf affected by a venerable anointing would be 350 years old. Old creature’s Strength, Dexterity and Constitution is decreased by -3.The Strength, Dexterity and Constitution scores of a middle-aged creature are reduced by -5. Creatures that have not reached middle age suffer the most. Their Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are reduced by -6. Creatures do not gain any benefits from the increased age.  Venerable creatures as well as dragons, ageless, and immortal beings are unaffected by this effect. A successful save results in the creature becoming middle aged suffering –1 penalty to Str, Dex, and Con for 2 minutes. Middle aged and older creatures are unaffected by this effect. Any spell or effect that can remove a bestow curse can remove this effect though this effect adds +5 to the removal DC.
This special attack replaces a demilich’s wail of the banshee spell-like ability.

Wounding Susceptibility (Su) Wounding weapons of any kind ignore a hand of the reliquary's damage reduction.
This replaces a demilich’s vorpal susceptibility weakness

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