Friday, April 26, 2013

Frustrations and Being Spoiled.

One thing that amuses me/frustrates the hell out of me, on the distribution side of my industry is the lack of immediacy when it comes to sales. When I worked in sales, you always wanted to close a deal as quickly as possible and when you got a lead you followed it up immediately.

 I am looking at two services right now to handle the print/distribution of Rite Publishing products and only one service has gotten back to me within 24 hours. The other I have even contacted back in 2010 and it took them 5 days to contact me, (and that was 5 days after the second email, I had sent them), so really it took them 22 days to contact me from my initial request. I have heard from many people that this is a good service, and many of my colleagues use it. Maybe I have just been spoiled by the electronic distribution sites contacting me within 72 hours.

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