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Talking Monster Books part 2

You can check out Part I HERE

Illustration by Vincent "ptitvinc"

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Creature Collection II by White Wolf/Sword & Sorcery

Here are a list of 18 fun monsters you can OGL loot (though with creature collections you have to change the monsters name if you publish it) from Creature Collection II. The monsters I like evocative in appearance, have well written flavor, and have mechanics that surprise and challenge players rather than just being yet another monster with Grab and a host of spell-like abilities. 

 Creature Collection II
  1. Athentia the Great Sphinx (love the conundrum curse)
  2. Bitter Tree (a tree that gets you with its fruitt, you could have a whole village after you). 
  3. Blade Beast (nothing like having a creature absorb the warriors favorite weapon!)
  4. Blood Crone (also known as the Bloodshackle Hag from Monster Geographica this is the ultimate BBEG hag)
  5. Carnival of Shadows, Shadowjester (a bit like the joker from batman).
  6. Chaos Globe (who does not like to roll on random charts for an effect!)
  7. Cloudsting (a flying jellyfish air elemental of lightning and thunder.)
  8. Darkwomb (for when you need a monster cloning factory to fill up your dungeon!)
  9. Golem, Serpent (because its damn freaky to have a pile of swarming serpents be a golem!)
  10. Golem, Sword (see above, only a collection of swords!)
  11. Golem, Tar (I like this for its good host of abilities and it can just hang out in a tar pit.)
  12. Hurrik’s Hound (one of the few good two headed monsters I have seen)
  13. Ioun Beholder (just plain fun)
  14. Legion of One (has some amazing potential that was not realized)
  15. Shackle Death (players really don’t like being chained up to an undead abomination J
  16. Spectral Plant (nothing like making a hedge maze with these!)
  17. Conundrum Creature Template (why I love Athentia)
  18. Hex Creature Template ( I love hags, and a template that makes hag allied animals and magical beasts is awesome!)

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