Friday, June 28, 2013

The Demolished Ones Backer update.

Shipping Print Copies
I wanted to let you know that I have around 40 print copy of The Demolished Ones that still need to be ordered and set up for shipping. I plan to have all of this done before the end of Sunday. These are being done in the order that surveys were completed. 

When you get your print copy I would appreciate a email letting me know you did receive it and if you want to make my day include a pic with you holding your book (the image would go public so if you don't want your pic out there don't send a pic :) 

You will know yours has been set up because you will get an email that will show 

Order #XXXXXXX (Paid For) 
Order Date: 06/XX/2013 XX:XX:XX 
Delivery Address: 
street address, 
City, State/Provice, Postal Zip code (note it will never show country); S
hipping Method  

First Supplement
Bill Collins the editor of the Demolished Ones were just chattign the other night and he let me know that he has completed nearly 6,000 words on your first supplement. My focus right now is on getting your books shipped so I have no more info than that at this point but I thought you should know. 

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