Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[LoG&S] Icon Deck art descriptions.

This is to help my high level backers Icon Level and higher send me art descriptions.

Illustration by Ian Greenlee

I want this one to look like a portrait of a mix of Hiro from Heroes both his future scarry and adorkable version. He should be in a cramped dorm room with a Japanese nerd paradise in the background (looks like Godzilla, anime [ghost in the shell], manga [Bleach], Kendo mask, a bit of kawaisa [take something usually mundane and boring and making cute]. A mix of feudal japan and modern japan he is bare chested with yakuza style full body tatoo from writs to neck to waist. He is wearing a daisho pair of swords, and holding a Mikoru MK 38 shotgun in his hand. His pants should be traditional kendo (If his pants are shown at all). 

Illustration by Gordon Napier,

"Jessamyn stood at a crossroads, pondering which road might lead to the most interesting adventure and discovery. She was a lovely young woman with hair and eyes as dark as her skin was fair. Her long hair was pulled up under a  white wide-brimmed hat that matched the stylish coat she wore unfastened. Her blouse was simple and white. Her pants were black and her boots knee-high and leather. She wore a gold ankh about her neck. Her smile was bright, and perhaps mischievous and a bit quirky. The Crossroads sign points to helldorodo, Shatterlight and maybe London

for actress reference, Jessamyn is somewhere between Mila Kunis [specifically her look in "Oz, the Great and Powerful"; and Kate Beckinsale [specifically in "Much ado About Nothing"] and Kat Dennings in just about anything as she has that quirky but pretty look.

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