Monday, June 3, 2013

101 Not So Random Encounters: Winter (Designer's Notes)

Designer’s Notes

When Steve Russell tapped me to work on this book, he kindly pointed me to his previous work, 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban, as a template. Based on the title alone, I figured I would have to create some interlinked encounters, and, for the few stand-alone encounters, I had to provide justification for their interaction with the party. Cracking open the urban encounters book dispelled all those notions; Steve had created an entire campaign from start to finish with plots and subplots based on the encounters contained within the book. This book humbly tries to duplicate that, but for a winter setting, with one main driver in Harbin Brindlefrost, but with plenty of supporting characters that could potentially steal the spotlight away from the druid. Whether you end up using this to provide a campaign through-line, or to augment your favorite winter-themed adventure path, I hope you find plenty to use from this book.

Mike Welham

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