Friday, May 31, 2013

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Update # 28; Concept Sketches (2nd set), Icon Deck & The Long Walk update

The second set of concept sketches for the core book are in, I have several new concept sketches in for the Icon Decks, and I just reviewed the outline for The Long Walk and told Kit Kindred to start on his first draft. Plus I am working on getting new forums up for this project. 

Oh and I am moving to Texas by June 21st. 

2nd set of Concept Sketches
Jason Rainville turned in 10 new concept sketches this week and two updates from last weeks concept sketches.  He did a group portrait sketch of the 6 Npc Gossamer Lords, Lucian as Mentor to a PC,  2 versions of Psyche Battle between a Dwimmerlaik witch and our Umbra Master, 4 versions of the Shatterlight domain, and 2 versions of the Threats to the Gossamer Worlds. I give you a glimpse at the Threats to the Gossamer Worlds. 

Annunaki: Strange, formless beings that resemble animate lattices of Eidolon tracery, roughly humanoid but occasionally observed to follow other, more terrible configurations.

Erebi: Creatures born out of the Shadow, the space between worlds. Singly each is known as an Erebus. They project a broken, fragmentary part of their essence into the Gossamer worlds, and as a result, they appear as horrific creatures made of tears in reality, causing physical distress and discomfort.

Gorgons: swarms, these are actually powerful hive entities: immensely powerful puppet-master creatures that destroy the spirits of lesser creatures and envelop them into a hive identity of creatures, overpowering the spirit of the host entity.

Minotaur: The proto-minotaur, the grand daddy of them all. If there was ever a creature suited for wandering the halls of an endless series of passages, it is the Minotaur.

Ur-Orobos: Freakish shape-changers with no obvious real body, these chimerical beings are violent predators and hunt in packs... small tribes moving across the Gossamer worlds and into the Grand Stair itself.

Eidolon Construct: golems—artificial or occasionally natural—composed of raw elemental Gossamer reality, shambling masses of dense matter, powered by mana and imbued with resilience by the Eidolon.

Umbral Gaunts: Bodiless spirits, Umbra Gaunts possess dead or nearly-dead beings to effect the Umbra’s goals.

Icon Deck Update
Every artist has turned in its first sketch for the icon deck, with Gordon Napier having turned in his first final which you saw last week,and his second sketch and Ian Greenlee have turned over two finals and a third sketch.  So far we have 3 finalized Icon cards so 49 more to go. 

The Long Walk Update
Well I got to read The Long Walk outline yesterday and after two suggestions I told Kit, to start working on the first draft. I really like the brainstorming that went into the outline for The Long Walk, and it does tie into The Gathering Storm adventure presented in the Core Book, though you don't' have to have played it to enjoy the Long Walk.  

This is going to be a Wide-Open Sandbox and GMs adventure toolbox While it has a beginning and end how you middle will be entirely up to the PCs (and the GM).  It has some very interesting places to visit, some great Npcs that will be either friend or foe based on the PCs actions, and a number of events dealing in unintended consequences from PC actions and from the simple fact that while the PCs are doing something Npcs are also doing things too :)

It will have a guide to customization for our homebrewers, what elements arefungible (one of my favorite words thanks to Jeff Grubb and Owen K.C. Stephens), Kit is going to include a new power, and a New major Npc that did not make the original manuscript cut. Sample Gossamer Worlds behind Doors with NPCs and adventure seeds as well as a list of what you see behind this door, to help inspire you to create Gossamer Worlds of your own.
I think this product will really appeal to diceless veterans who have gone far afield as a product they can loot from as well as appealing to our diceless rookies or those who don't have the time anymore to do all the homebrew work and want something they can run after reading it once (or if they are really pressed for time reading it as they go). 

I am working on updating the Rite Forums to a new version PHPBB once I have that done and everything is working probably I will let you folk start signing up so that those who want to discuss things, can.  It will also make it easier for me to share images and documents for some of the higher level backers and start talking to folks about our Google Hangout games. 

Plano, Texas, USA

Just an FYI, I am moving to Plano, Texas by June 21st. This will not affect much of anything when it comes to Rite Publishing as everyone I work with is done via the internet. 

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