Friday, May 17, 2013

The Demolished Ones (Fate) Update #53

Update Rule

One thing I will be doing from now on is before I update Lords of Gossamer & Shadow is I will be doing the update for Demolished Ones, as right now this project is my #1 priority.


I sent The Demolished Ones to a friend of mine who is a reviewer, who has been recovering from a stroke, so that he could practice his writing skills. I have paraphrased a little here only due to other parts of the conversation that were not relevant to you folks.

"So, the Demolished Ones......WOW! That is one seriously great read, and truly epic story for a game.....that has everything you need to truly have an awesome time with friends truly impressive....this is in my very short list of books that I will be wanting to share with the world. It takes a lot to truly find its way into my pile of personal “must” plays, and this one is there....pass on my words .... for crafting a stellar tale. Having never touched a Fate product before, this was perfect for someone to be introduced to the system"

Wrap Around Cover and Printer's Proof

We will be finalizing the wrap around cover on Tuesday rather than today, as our cover layout artist had  to go out of town. The interior file is finalized, but if you have any last minute corrections you have till tuesday 10 EST to post them as comments to this thread. I will send out the updated PDF file after I upload the files for the printer's proof.


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