Thursday, May 9, 2013

101 Variant Monsters Update (#9)

101 Variant Monsters Update (#9)

I finished 7 more variant monsters today, getting into the much more challenging CR 19 and 20s; I have just 3 more to do. One of which I know will be the Tarrasque as I plan to make him the King of Kaiju!

Today it was  Cogent (Shoggoth), Kabiri Demon (Demon, Vrolikai), Myrkvi├░r Linnorm (Taiga, Linnorm), Void Serpent (Deep Sea Serpent), Celestial Serpent (Linnorm, Tarn), Gibborim Behemoth (Behemoth, Thalassic), Maskim Devil (Devil, Pit Fiend)

Today I give a preview of the void serpent. 

Void Serpent (Deep Sea Serpent)

Description This enormous, unsettling flying  serpent is utterly black, seeming to absorb all light save glowing red, bulging eyes and rounded jaws filled with long, jagged black teeth. Sometimes called null dragons and emissaries of annihilation, these monsters are the bane of all existence, particularly dragonkind. Ironically the greatest of all dragonslayers is itself a dragon as they hate all dragon kind even themselves. Some sages claim that spheres of annilation are really void serpent eggs.

Subtype extraplanar this replaces the deep sea serpent’s aquatic subtype

Speed 10 ft., fly 90 ft. this replaces a deep sea serpent’s normal speed and surge ability

Abrogate (Su) The void serpent negates the benefits of its opponent’s strongest offensive combat ability (subject to GM adjudication). This can be either some personal power (such as the highest level class ability or a creatures highest level of spell-casting or spell-like abilities) or simply the beings highest ability score, which no longer provides any bonus while within range (no save). This ability extends to a range of 1,000 ft. This ability affects eidolons and intelligent magic items (but not intelligent artifacts), treating them as separate enemies. However, it has no effect upon non-intelligent magic items.
This replaces a deep sea serpent’s elusive defensive ability.

Entropic Wounds (Ex) The void serpent’s physical attacks cause damage that is resistant to healing. Natural healing, supernatural healing and extraordinary forms of healing (such as fast healing and regeneration) of healing require the subject to make a successful Fort save (DC 30) each time they attempt to heal the damage. Failure means in that damage cannot be healed by that particular form of healing. Healing via spells and/or spell-like abilities requires a successful caster level check DC 30 as do the use of spells or effects that would return a creature to life, and those returned to life gain an additional negative level (even those raised by true resurrection). The save DC is Constitution-based.
This replaces a deep sea serpent’s capsize special attack.

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