Saturday, May 4, 2013

8 Ways to promote your RPG product and not spend any $ (Free Beer! Tomorrow.)

8 Ways to  promote your RPG product and Not Spending Any $

These are in the order of what generates the most number of sales beyond people just stumbling across your product. 

Direct Mailing
Generate a free preview of your Product and upload it to DriveThruRPG/RpgNow (I do this every month with Pathways) before you release your Product. Then when you release your product, use DriveThruRpg/RpgNow’s email a customer feature. You will generate an email to almost every customer who has ever downloaded a copy of one of your products including that free preview. (Don’t send an email like this more than once a week).

Social Media
Facebook, Google+, Twitter, (in that order of importance). You need to be active on it every weekday. You need to be talking about your products and not just  posting links to your products on sales, you need to engage your fans. If all you do is post releases people will stop watching your feed even though they may “like it”

Your Website
Focus on one thing. You can have links to your sales sites and other product lines but your front page should be the product you want out the most, and it should be your most recent release.  A website that is not updated with some regularity is useless.

Message Boards/Rpg related sites
You should be active on the message board that is the most popular for your product! Do not just post press releases, engage your fans. But you do need to post press releases to every message boards and sites that allow announcements and news.

You should be blogging about your product, before it comes out,  design notes, art previews, anything that relates to its behind the scenes productions, and even snippets of stuff, You can link to this from your social media. I prefer blogger, but wordpress is also good.  Visits to your blog can drive your sales as people become interested in what you write about and want more. This needs to be updated every weekday.

Podcast/video cast
You should be doing a podcast or a video cast, audacity is free so you can edit your podcast and blogger has a very simple way to get your stuff set up for Itunes. Heck, we do a live streaming videocast with the Demiplane of Gaming via google hangout; this takes no real tech skill. Also ask other podcasters and videocasters if you can be on their show! They need guests and you need promotion, so don’t be afraid to ask for things.

Advanced Review Copies
This one is harder to gauge with level of importance because one cannot do it with PDF only releases because no one can preorder a PDF, but having a review available the day it goes live is extremely helpful to sales. Anytime after that the review is not nearly as useful. An advanced review can also point out problems and give you time to fix them don’t be trigger happy to activate your product as soon as you upload it (I am bad about this.) Good consistent reviewers generally need two weeks advance to review a book (some are much cooler than this but it’s a good rule of thumb).

Now you do have to spend your time doing all these. 

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