Friday, May 24, 2013

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow (Diceless) Update #27

Dwimmerlaik Concept Sketches!

Jason Rainville has turned over 11 concept sketches dealing with 4 images  Empress Ayasha, First Of The Dwimmerlaik; Mowbray, The Pale; Hierophant; Krovaliss, Suzerain Of The Sixth Armies; and a Dwimmerlaik Witch, 
I have sent out all of these to our lords level backers but I will preview one of them here below.  Remember these are just concept sketches and no where near finals. 

Icon Deck update

We have also had some early sketches from Gennifer Bone and another from Gordan Napier and a very detailed sketch from Joe Shawcross for the 52 card icon deck and all of those artist have art descriptions they are working on, We have 3 finalized images right now when we hit 10 I will preview some of them.
I want a few more examples of art descriptions before I get our Icon rank backers and higher working on those. 

The Long Walk 

Kit Kindred will be handing over his outline today for The Long Walk

The Rest

I am still in the process of getting the finances for payment and contracts together for our guest authors, so I will have more about those deadlines next week. 

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