Wednesday, October 8, 2014

101 Not So Simple Monster Templates (13th Age) Preview: Bloodshackle Creature (lvl +1)

Bloodshackle Satyr

Illustration by  Taregh D. Saber

Bloodshackle Creature (lvl +1)

This creature can gain utter control over a creature via a special ceremony involving the creature's blood.

Blood Domination: This process involves an hour long ceremony, in which the victim must be helpless. First, the bloodshackle creature cuts the victim and allows a small amount of blood to drop onto her (usually into the creature’s palm, paw, tentacle, or pseudopod). It then proceeds with a ceremony of uninterrupted meditation nearby the helpless victim, creating a magical bond between itself and the target. From now on, bloodshackle creature may, at will, issue telepathic orders or borrow senses within 25 miles. The victim enacts these orders to the best of their ability.

Breaking the Blood Domination: The bond may be broken in several ways: through sheer will the victim is allowed to resist orders that are obviously self-destructive or force the victim to act against their strongest convictions, friends or kin; by use of a ritual magic targeted specifically to undo effects of Blood Domination, act of will by the dominator, death of the controller or intervention of an icon. The victim is granted four hard saves (16+) made over the course of the attempt to break free, and must succeed at one to throw the control for one day, and two to break it for good (obviously, the death of the controller requires no saves).

In each case when their control is contested and as long as they are aware of the contest, the bloodshackle creature may attempt to re-establish control for a round by making a successful attack vs. MD of the victim and force it to perform a single action. This particular action cannot be resisted.

The Blood Noise: Controlling too many subjects causes the bloodshackle creature severe discomfort due to constant buzz of incoming bits and pieces of thoughts. Therefore bloodshackle creatures of adventurer tier control only a handful, while Champion tiers take over most important individuals in an organization, and only the Epic tier controllers can take over small societies. 

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