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Improvisational Preperation: Quick Name List

Quick Name List

Sometimes you just need a name on the fly, so have some name lists ready for people the Player Characters are likely to talk to. Keep them serious and say these names aloud so that you do not sound like an idiot when you use it in your game, and do not be afraid to use common names, and the names of the subject’s occupation. Consistency goes a long way; you are not trying to pick the perfect name for your antagonist, your naming the stable boy the PCs will talk to for less than a minute, so David Steed is a functional. Moreover, having someone yell out “Steed!”, and having someone bring your horse fits.

My three personal favorite name lists on the fly are Gary Gygax’s Extraordinary Book of Names by Troll Lord Games, Owen K.C. Stephen’s By Any Other Name articles for Dragon Magazine, and my spam folder. So take a few minutes and jot down 10 names you think will be useful in your next gaming session and update it each time and keep it handy. For those of you who might play in the Questhaven Campaign Setting here are some name lists from my home game. If you are doing a more traditional game, you are going to want to have the local human regional names, elven, dwarven, gnomish, and halfling names. You also might need some names for your bad guys so having something ready for them as well.  

Questhaven Human Names:
  • Male: Amren Bailey, Bryn Baker, Cadoc Carter, Dallwyr Chapman, Elwyn Clerk, Garym Cook, Hywel Cooper, Kynwyl Fisher, Mabon Hunter, Olwydd Knight,
  • Female: Cordula Marshall, Eira Miller, Flamina Parker, Gwendolyn Smith, Hafwen Taylor, Lynwen Turner, MabynWalker, Nona Warden, Rhianwen Weaver, Sirona Wright

10 Wyrd Names 
  •  Male: Evmah Wandering Moon, Fior Obsidian Heart, Lueti Unfettered Sky, Niman Unconquered Sun, Raervia Iron Soul, 
  • Female: Dirzala Undefeated Horizon, Haelstin Glorious Horizon, Maydra Running Cloud, Sinwiira Tiumphal Sunrise, Ulviiryl Towering Heavens

10 Jotun Names (Clan Yrr of the Jotun Tribe)
  • Male: Hallkell “Oldspear” Gautrson,  Jörundr “Keenforge” Ivarrson, Karl “Alehavoc” Márson, Njáll “Bitterwind” Örnson, Steinarr “Grimaxe” Bergrson 
  • Female: Arndís “Stonestalker” Birnadottier, Dagny “Meadwife” Elínadottier, Finna “Firewright” Guthnydottir, Halla “Oresage” Mjölldottir, Sinn “Haphall” Svanadottier

10 Gargoyle Names (Child of Kurvik, of the line of Kavu)
  • Apaxut Obsidiancast, Dalanc Tuffmask, Eidon The Trapper, Gareld The Bounty Hunter, Itaxur The Watchman, Kurvik The Seeker, Otuvar Granitemug, Poxi The Dilettante, Rorkar The Herald, Tu Wehrlite

10 Lurker Names
  • Darqueweaver, Z, Demoness, Maskurade, Myst, Master Shade, 624, The Bad Samaritan, Shardwolf, Vengance,

10 Ironborn Names
  • Conflate, Diaphanous, Fetching, Harbinger, Mellifluous, Nemesis, Ravel, Sempiternal, Ripple, Woebegone

10 Wretch Names (Blood of Steel Crag)
  • Augzog, Bakhyash, Bruzumsh, Dragbaz, Gokhtrog, Gorshak, Grathag, Hakkskar, Molknar, Stulgrogg,

Online Quick Name Generators Resources
·        Squid
·        Seventh Sanctum Names

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