Thursday, October 9, 2014

In The Company of Dragons Sales Numbers Day 30

1st Thirty Days. 

Release date August 1st to August 30th. Price $5.99
DrivethruRpg/RpgNow --------201, ----Gross Sales $778.70
Paizo ------------------------------ 81, ----Gross sales $485.19 54, -----Gross sales $323.46

Current Total Sales ------------336,-----Gross Sales  $2012.64

Sorry this is so late, It just got pushed to the back of the Que, I hope to be more on target when I do the first 90 days, I was surprised thought that this product never made the front page of Paizo though its been in the top 10 of downloads from other companies for a while now and just started slipping last week. 

I have been pleasantly pleased by the sales at, which I attribute to widgets and putting up two major pieces of content on the srd itself, plus the front page ad we pay for.

We are already working on In The Company of Dragons: The Lost Isles as a sequel.

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