Sunday, November 2, 2014

Designing in Public: No Beast So Fierce,

This is a raw design of a sandbox location in the ruined city of Nō, on the alternate high-tech earth world known as Fierce. If you plan to play in the adventure for Lords of Gossamer & Shadow  No Beast So Fierce (Diceless), I suggest not reading this post. 

The Parallax:

There is a large neon blinking sign pointing down to what appears to be a set of stairs leading underground with a large heavy steel door at the bottom right hand side. The door is locked.

Within you find a black light lit nightclub playing music from the late 90s with leopard print carpet with neon colored walls. There is a sunk in dance floor,  with leather neon couches along its edges, a large wine cellar behind glass as well as a humidifier for cigars (bottles and boxes are missing, haven been taken by Sota-sama, and a number of virtual holographic computer consoles, there is also a fully stocked glass bar along the western wall. Around the room near the ceiling along the outer walls is a cylindrical aquarium that leads out to the southern wall, which made entirely of glass and apparently opens out to an underground lake. In two separate rooms are a pocket billiards table and a holographic entertainment system.    

The electronic ink image of Sota-sama, who appears to be injured, will tell non-cyber-naki who reach the bottom of the steps: “Welcome to what was either the world’s greatest nightclub or the worlds tackiest, I am not sure I have too much nostalgia for the place to have an objective opinion. You will find some good wine and cigars here. The Cyber-Naki avoided the Parallax for the last month due to chance of attracting the attention of Phoros.” 

Psyche: A ranked PC will get a sense that there is something off about this location. The highest ranked PC will detect an unusually disturbance to the interaction of Eidolon and Umbra.

Perceiving the Umbra: Anyone using this ability will sense a strong flow of umbra flowing down the stairs, and through this room into the underground lake (eventually reaching Phoros).

– – – – – –
The umbra kaiju known as Phoros will be attracted by any use of Eidolon in the club

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