Thursday, July 24, 2014

101 Arcane Discoveries: #4 Lace Unstable Bonds

Lace Unstable Bonds (Arcane Discovery)
“I despise eidolons”
Prerequisites: arcane school and unstable bonds class features, wizard 1

Benefit: You can as a swift action, use this arcane discovery to affect any offensive spell you cast. You can inflict the effects of your unstable bonds class feature upon one creature that spell effects (unstable bonds still only affects summoned or called creatures) if it fails its saving throw against that spell (offensive spells without saving throws are unaffected). You still can only use this ability as many times as you can use your unstable bonds class feature. 

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  1. Nasty little Feat, being a player of summoners I am certain I do not approve

  2. I just made the unstable bonds ability useful, I can't help if your stupid eidolon failed its save against my lightning bolt.