Friday, July 25, 2014

101 Arcane Discoveries: #5 Lace Banishment

Lace Banishment (Arcane Discovery)
“Get ye gone, ye vile abomination!”
Prerequisites: auraof banishment, arcane school, and unstable bonds class feature; Lace Unstable Bonds, wizard 8

Benefit: You can as a swift action, use this arcane discovery and consume one round of your aura of banishment class feature and lace any offensive spell you cast. This lace inflicts the effects of your aura of banishment class feature upon one creature that spell effects (it still only affects summoned or called creatures) if that creature fails its saving throw against that spell (offensive spells without saving throws are unaffected). It must make a second Will save (DC as aura of banishment) or be banished as aura of banishment. You still can only use this ability for as many rounds of aura of banishment you possess.

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